Erectile Dysfunction and Its Treatment


Erectile Dysfunction

Most troubled erectile dysfunction in modern men. If you seem to have no problem at all, even if you have a problem with your inner hair?

What boosts men’s self-esteem by forehead is how the well sexual function works.

Men who do not seem to have any problems as described above may have sexual dysfunction.

Indeed I’ll check briefly whether or not this erectile dysfunction.

Suspicion of Erectile Dysfunction

Can’t get an erection even if I get sexual stimulation?

Have you ever noticed that your penis has lost so much stiffness during sex?

It’s an erection, but it doesn’t seem to be rigid.

The number of morning tents is getting less and less?

If the above symptoms last for 3 months, you should suspect suspicion of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction that can occur depending on the state of the body and psychological state. What is the typical treatment?

Representative erectile dysfunction treatment

There are many ways to treat it. Choosing the right method for your situation and treating yourself healthy are your top priorities.

Trimix – Self-Drug Infusion Treatment: Directly inject your Trimix into your penis 5 minutes before sexual intercourse. Five minutes before the injection, it lasts about an hour. The stiffness is maintained even after ejaculation and is used to treat premature ejaculation. It is known to be effective for non-surgical surgery, but it is difficult to use. It may not work if you put it in the wrong place or if the drug is low. If you have to inject the penis directly into your penis, you can’t use it if you are sensitive or rejected.

Oral treatment drug: It is a method of oral administration prescribed erectile dysfunction drug. There are representative Viagra and Cialis, and many clones are released in Korea and can be purchased at low price with the same efficacy. You must have a prescription before you can buy it at a pharmacy. Unlike the above Trimix, it is a medicine to be eaten until you can digest it. It should be eaten about 30 minutes before eating, and overeating and drinking too much may slow down the effects or become late. Interacting with other medicines is dangerous and should be consulted with your doctor.

Hormone Injections: These are the treatments performed when men’s sexual function decreases due to a drop in male hormones. Resolves various problems by supplementing testosterone. There are three major symptoms that occur when testosterone, a male hormone, decreases. Mental, physical and sexual symptoms appear. This is the most common term for menopausal menstruation, including mental depression, fatigue, helplessness, and memory fields, physically reduced muscle mass, abdomen, and many other metabolic syndromes (diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, obesity). ) Appears. Sexual symptoms include erectile dysfunction treatment and decreased libido. This hormone is injected into the body to find the balance of the body to solve the various problems appearing in the male body.

Surgical treatment: Inserting a penis implant. As it is a physical treatment, it takes a lot of time and money, and it is very sensitive to various side effects. Although many surgeries have taken place these days, such as augmentation and prolongation, the safety of the surgeries is high. Above all, the problem is that the treatment period is relatively long, difficult to manage when recovering, and expensive.

Therapeutic Conclusion

We have only looked at four of the most common treatments.

The easiest way to do this is to use two oral medications, the most common of which are Viagra and Cialis.

It’s a drug that everyone should have heard of once, and it’s a magical medicine that goes away whenever you need it anytime, anywhere.

Since it is a therapeutic drug, it is important to check your essential knowledge and side effects before taking it so that you do not harm your health.

Note describes a simple touch of Cialis, taken once a day, and if you are interested to eat medicine hypertension, diabetes, consult your doctor. These two things are the most important.

With enough knowledge, Sia Mart will help you to take care of your condition and take care of your health. Thank you.

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