13 tricks to overcome stress, anxiety and fear


In life, not everything is black or white. We have a whole scale of intermediate grays that allow us to make mistakes and start again, so don’t let you be dominated by stress

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Stress, anxiety and fear are the great adversaries in today’s society. In a complex world characterized by uncertainty, our brain is guided by that alarm mechanism where it only detects dangers and threats.

Thus, experts in the field such as https://naturactin.com, molecular biologist and Harvard professor, often remind us that our brain does not want us to be happy: he just wants us to survive. Therefore, we are those creatures afflicted with stress, fear and anxiety.

How can we manage stress? Woman with stress

In a study published in the journal Psychological Science and conducted at the University of California, Irvine, they point out that even the slightest stress impacts our health. Therefore, if we do not learn to manage these states, we will not only have a worse quality of life, we will develop even more (and more serious) diseases.

  1. Relaxation and meditation techniques: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is that healthy, beneficial and revulsive practice capable of improving our quality of life. We are told by studies such as the one carried out at Stanford University where its effectiveness is guaranteed in reducing stress and anxiety.

  1. Expose yourself to fear

Fear exposure therapies consist of approaching all those dimensions in which we lose control, scare us and subtract competencies. That way we will get more comfort, for example, when speaking in public.

  1. Clarify what’s behind your fears

We must recognize when we are letting ourselves be overcome by an exaggerated anxiety. And it is that the fears towards something can extend towards other questions of our life.

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  1. Exercise to calm daily stress

Did you know that the practice of exercise is one of the best ways to relax? By generating endorphins, it helps us calm down . In addition, it boosts our immune system and raises our body temperature.

  1. Anxiety always under control

A study conducted at Harvard University has confirmed that people who interpret their anxiety as impulse or that energy that invites them to act, rather than as nerves,  are more likely to act correctly and get out of situations.

  1. It is very positive to recognize the things we do well

It is necessary to make a list of what concerns us and another list of things that are going well for us. In this way, we will not only think about the negative, but also the good that happens to us. It may be that the good list far exceeds the list of negative things.

  1. You have to look at things as a whole

Our survival alerts instill fear and permanent fear. We have the feeling that you have to keep your guard always up.

However, we must try to control the messages of our mind. You might let us know that something bad could happen in the future. However, it will not be at the present time, so we must relax.

  1. Take life as a game

Taking things with humor is as important as considering homework as a kind of hobby .

To master stress we have to conceive each action as a game. When something goes wrong, we can start the next game and try another way.

  1. Values are important

Having a scale of firm and clear values   can remind us of what it is worth fighting for . That is why it is necessary to turn off fear and ignite courage.

  1. Helping others always brings us something

Goodness and emotional connection optimizes brain function. It relaxes us, fills us with calm and optimism. Having the door open to friends and family, helping our children do homework, meeting new people … All those behaviors based on support, listening and openness help us better manage stress.

  1. Coffee to control stress

As a study carried out at the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom reveals,  coffee can be an excellent ally in certain stress situations.

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  1. The dialogue with ourselves

Internal dialogue reorganizes priorities, clarifies objectives, and purifies concerns. Being able to offer ourselves an hour for ourselves in order to reflect, to make contact with our being and our own needs, reverts to our psychological well-being. We gain in well-being and self-confidence.

  1. Conclusion: stress is part of life, but it should not control you

Is stress as bad as they tell us? We must be clear about a simple aspect: the stress that escapes our control and that takes the reins of our life leaves sequels. Now, this physiological and emotional response is part of the human being and has an end: to help us react, motivate, survive.

Sometimes we are “forced” to respond in a certain way to life, with more momentum, with more energy. Stress is after all that dimension that must always be under our control and not vice versa.

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