You Can Enlarge Not Just your Penis But Also your Testicles


When it comes to the male reproductive organ, one of the foci, if not penis, it is the scrotum or the testicles. It is common to hear penis enlargement medication, methods and surgeries but the need to modify the size of one’s scrotum is a rare news. Not all men are created equal, and for most of men, the size and appearance of their scrotum is as important as that of their penis. That is why, various health sectors nowadays, consider testicular enlargement surgery.

What is Testicular Enlargement Surgery and Who Needs It?

This type of surgery answers the problem of small, disproportionate or even absence of testicles. It is a process where implants and prostheses are performed to fill the scrotum. This caters the size issues of testicles in relation to the penis.

This surgery is applicable to various situations or conditions like absent testicles – may be born without or lost their testicles, or disproportionate ones, and even having small testicles and desire to have larger ones. The process usually takes 45-60 minutes for completion so it is an outpatient procedure yet surgical bandages must stay on for a day or two. Pain, swelling and bruising are probably present for the first 2 weeks. In the duration of the surgery, sedation will be injected to the patient for him to be asleep – not feeling the pain of the procedure.

What Factors are Needed to Be Considered in the Course of Surgery

Before the surgery, the overall health of the patient is considered. This includes the habits of the patient from sleeping, exercising, smoking, drinking and medication. These are basic elements that directly affect one’s healing process. Testicular enlargement patients need to undergo physical examinations and check-ups first, to know whether they are fit for the surgical operation. Some routine tests will be conducted including urinalysis and complete blood count – this is to prevent possible complications.

Aside from the possible discussed earlier, after the surgery, patients will feel exhausted and weak. The operated area will be most painful and swollen during the first 2 days and discomfort will still be present for two weeks. The patient must avoid too much physical activity and refrain from masturbation and other sexual activity for two weeks.

There are rare undesirable complications that may occur like hardening, shifting or movement of the implant as well as infections and scarring of the surgically operated area. But all these can be easily addressed by the attending surgeon.

The results of this enlargement surgery are immediate, permanent and even reversible. But its best result is the surgery’s ability to cater the patient’s psychological, physiological and physical needs. To know more about this procedure you can visit their site at

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