Types Of Biriyani Loved By Foodies


Indian cuisine is very multicultural and it offers a plethora of tastes. It has been influenced form various other cuisines as invaders invaded the Indian subcontinent they brought with them various kinds of cuisines that got mixed up with the already existing Indian food items and created a very unique cuisine that is essentially multicultural and very Indian in every sense. Biriyani is one of the main items of the Mughlai cuisine and it mainly developed during the medieval period. It is said to be of South Asian origin but it came into existence when the Muslim invaders from the Middle East came to the Indian subcontinent and the pulao or pilaf of the Indian subcontinent got mixed with their spices and cooking style ad became the modern day Biriyani. The various royal courts developed their own style of Biriyani and each tastes different from each other. Each one has some kind of special ingredients that make it unique among the others. This mixed rice item is of various kinds. And let us learn more about them in this article:

  1. Kachhi Biriyani: this is the most favourite among everyone. This Biriyani is called kachhi because the raw or kachhi meat is cooked along with the rice and they are also marinated together when the raw meat is layered with rice and keep together for marinating. It mainly consists of various kinds of meats and is mainly served with yoghurt and boiled egg. This is generally made on clay oven but can be made at home as well and try for recipes in the internet where you can get easy recipes about how to make chicken biryani in Tamil.
  2. Hyderabadi Biriyani: This is one classic Biriyani dish that is loved by one and all. This dish is mainly famous because of its coconut content and also because it contains a strong essence of saffron. This is one Biriyani that is a huge hit on weddings and any festivities and can be made with any kind of meat. This dum Biriyani is served with fried onions. The nizams of Hyderabad developed this in their kitchens and it contains flavour from both Iranian and Mughlai cuisines. Kewra water and Ittar are also used in this dish and these items give the dish its unique exotic and aromatic flavour.
  3. Kolkata Biriyani: This is another unique dish that originated in the kitchen of the Nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah. When he was exiled in the eastern metropolitan city of Kolkata by the British colonizers. The specialty of this dish is that it contains potatoes and that it is a favourite among potato lovers. It is a basically a variant of the Lucknawi Biriyani. In the Lucknawi or Awadhi Biriyani chefs uses whole spices instead of powdered spices and that gives the Biriyani a very different and strong flavour.

These are the main Biriyani ishesd that are loved by Indians. There are various other South-Indian Biriyani dishes as well that are loved by many and they also have their own rich and unique flavours and way of cooking.

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