Relax to be more beautiful


Nowadays, we can live a very fast lifestyle that sometimes ends up spending our energies very fast. We all know that sleep is very important for our body to function better. If we do not sleep our system slows down and can fail sometimes, the same happens when we are not relaxed enough, and sometimes lack of sleep can affect our relaxation and many other things. Resulting in a life a little more complex to carry day by day.

If I sleep and relax, will I be more beautiful?

It is scientifically proven that people who have a sleep time set between 7 to 8 hours can live longer and their body works better. Which means that all the processes of hormone production and cell regeneration will be taking place, which will create a better blood flow and that in turn the production of estrogen will be ideal, which can make us look a little more beautiful and young people. The same happens with stress, if we live a life always plagued by problems we will be saturated and we need a bit of calm.

What can I do to relax a little more?

It is important in the first instance to sleep. Ideally, it should be done at night, continuously and at a time between 7 to 8 hours a day. But this can change a bit, maybe take a nap in the afternoon help a lot and complete the amount of hours we need on the day.

  • Infusions: Infusions are one of the most important natural ways to induce sleep. When we do not have any sleep, we can prepare an infusion of herbs that we have at home. It can be of mint or green tea. We may harvest it at home or there are many commercial brands that have quite pleasant effects on us.

Sleeping Garden, the solution for insomnia

As I mentioned before, it is very important to sleep. And in this case we bring you an application that will make this happen. This is Sleeping Garden, an application that is available for Android and iPhone that contains different sounds of nature that we can put to play at bedtime to create a relaxing environment that will enhance our beauty. It has a very friendly and intuitive platform, in addition to a very good price.

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