How To Vape In 5 Simple Steps


If you noticed many people using what looks like a futuristic smoking contraption then you’ve witnessed several vaping devices in action. If you fancy giving them a try out of curiosity, or you simply want to stop smoking and you’ve heard that this device can help, there are many stores in Australia who can supply you with high-quality e cigarettes.

  • Select an Experience

If you’ve never vaped before and you’re planning on testing out a new device, you must first decide on the type of experience you’d like. All vaping devices are made differently, there are various models, shapes and sizes. Each one is designed to give the user a different feeling as they vape, some are pocket-friendly, incognito devices, while others are larger, more noticeable items that produce a big cloud of smoke when you exhale. Think about these 3 factors before you purchase a product.

  • Do I want to be noticed, or do I prefer to vape discreetly?
  • Do you want to use multiple flavours, or just one?
  • What level of nicotine do you desire?
  • Are you using the device as a hobby or to quit smoking?
  • Choose a Device

If you’re a complete novice and you’ve no idea about vaping, why not do some research online and find out more about the whole process. There are plenty of informative sites such as can provide you with details on vaping and the many products available to buy online. When you know what type of experience you’d like from your vaping device, it is time to choose a product. You can get a hand held Aspire K2 start kit or an Innokin Endura which are inconspicuous models designed for novice vapers, you can also opt for a high nicotine e-liquid if you’d like to start with something strong.

  • Select the Type of E-liquid

The e-liquid you choose depends on the type of device you purchase, a lot of this is to do with the coil which is installed in the unit. For example, if you buy a small handheld device with a large resistance coil, you’ll need to select an e-liquid with a higher nicotine content. Apart from that, you must pick what flavour you’d like to experience.

  • Buying Parts

Once your starter kit is ready to go, you just need to ensure you’ve all the right equipment to start vaping. The 3 most important parts of an e cigarette are the coil, mouthpiece and battery. It is advisable to purchase spare parts just in case you damage or lose important items.

  • Read Instructions

Many beginners ignore the instructions and start vaping without properly understanding their device, it is vital to read through the guidelines to ensure you know how to use and maintain the product.

This article provides 5 easy steps to help you begin your vaping experience with confidence and a better understanding of the procedures involved. If you’d like more information on the subject, visit the website mentioned above and check out the many blogs, YouTube stations and sites dedicated to vaping online.