Get Your Original Teeth Back Via Dental Implant


Teeth are an important part of the face. Their shape; alignment etc. affects the appearance of the person. But many people lose their teeth as a result of old age or an accident and if you are among them then you must opt for dental implant. Teeth also perform an important function of chewing food, thus they are as important as the other parts of the body. Dental implants are just like the real teeth and thus offer many benefits like improved appearance which enhances the confidence of the person while eating, talking, smiling etc. In addition you may also chew your favorite food without any issue.

Cost of dental implant

The cost of dental implant many a times varies with the condition of your jaw bone in which the artificial tooth will be inserted. Many people have to go for the bone graft before the dental implant in order to get their jawbone straightened. This increases the overall cost of the dental implant. In general, you will have to pay between one thousand dollars to twenty five hundred dollars per implant.

Generally, the health insurance does not cover the dental implant treatment but if your insurance covers the dental implants you can opt for the best procedure without worrying about the cost of the treatment.

Complexities that one might face with the dental implant

Although the dental implant procedure is quite successful these days but one may experience certain complexities with the dental implants. These complications can be broadly categorized in three parts –

  1. During the medical procedure – there may be nerve injury or other problems associated with the surgical treatment.
  2. During the span of first 6 months – there is a risk of infection.
  3. Long term issues – such as peri-implantitis or mechanical malfunctioning is also noticed.

If you want to know all the side effects or the Complexities of the dental implant treatment, you may take the surgical guide for dental implants in order to know the pros and cons of the treatment.

Duration of dental implant

The entire process of dental implant is quite long. The procedure may take around two to nine months. it is to be noted that the duration of the procedure depends upon the treatment plan and the condition of the jaw bone. Remember, if you will opt for the surgery of the jaw bone then the duration of the treatment might increase.

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