Breast enlargement safety tips for women


The basic component in any breast enlargement procedure for women is silicone implants. Ever since they were brought into the market as early as 1962, health experts have begun warning people, especially women who are considering to have the procedure done, of the risks that these implants can bring when they rupture inside the body. However, with the advancement of technology in the field, the rupture of breast implants for use in any breast enlargement is minimal to none.

What are some of the safer implants out there?

When it comes to choosing implants, there are a variety available to women like silicone implants and saline implants. Though there will always be a risk of implants rupturing either from trauma, pressure during mammograms, surgical incisions done by the surgeon, the list can go on and on.  What is different between silicon and saline implants are the effects that rupture can have on them.

Naturally if your implant has a rupture, you will want to know as easy as possible so you can seek medical treatment. Saline implants when ruptured, are very easy to spot as the implants rapidly lose shape, taking away the benefits of breast enlargement. Thankfully saline implants only contain saltwater and therefore, the body simply absorbs the leak if it happens.

With silicone implant ruptures, it won’t be as easy to spot and when the silicone leaks, it stays inside the body. It may spread t the outside of the breast and to other distant lymph nodes but having silicone in your system does not seem to increase the risk of any sort of disease.

Saline is typically only inserted into the implant after the bag has been placed within the body. This means that compared to silicone implants, a smaller incision is necessary on the woman’s body for the breast enlargement procedure to take effect. Also with saline implants, the sizes can be adjusted even after surgery as all it takes is for water to be removed or added into the bag containing the rest of it.

You won’t be able to do the same with silicone implants and the only way to increase or decrease your breast size after the procedure is to have the implant removed then inserted with a bigger or smaller one. This means having to go under the knife for a second time to perform the adjustment on the breast enlargement.

It is safe to say that while this procedure is always in high demand amongst women, there are certain choices that the woman herself must make to enjoy the full benefits.